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  • Apr SNAI won the title of National Role Model Organization for Afforestation.

    Aug SNAI's cooperative educational programs, Executive MBA and Executive MPAcc Programs, won the accreditation from the Ministry of Education.

  • Jul SNAI was commissioned by XBRL China to design and manage its official website (

    Aug Li Kouqing was appointed as the President of SNAI by the Ministry of Finance.

    Sep The opening ceremony of SNAI's first full-time MPAcc and MAud Programs was held in SNAI.

  • Mar SNAI was approved by the Ministry of Education to grant Master's Degrees in Professional Accounting (MPAcc) and
    Auditing (MAud).

    Oct SNAI's Executive MBA program in cooperation with Arizona State University of America was ranked No.

    20 globally by the Financial Times.

  • Jun AFDC was granted the Award for Outstanding Contributions to China's Western Development Program by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Development and Reform Commission.

    Sep SNAI was among the first batch of universities and institutions that were selected as Training Bases for Financial Talents in Shanghai.

    Nov The graduation ceremony of the first cohort of trainees of Leading Accounting Talents Program was held
    in SNAI.

  • Jul The number of registered users at surpassed one million, making it the largest professional accounting website in China.

    Dec SNAI was approved as a participating member to the National Natural Science Foundation.

  • Oct SNAI-ASU Executive MBA Program participated for the first time in the global ranking of all Executive Programs conducted by Financial Times and was ranked No. 42.
  • Apr The first Shanghai International Program for Development Evaluation Training was held in SNAI.

    Jul General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and State President Xi Jinping, the then General Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, paid a visit to SNAI.

  • Jul SNAI extension campus was put into use.
  • Mar The first MPAcc Program between SNAI and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics opened in SNAI.

    Dec The first National Leading Accounting Talents Program was opened in SNAI.

  • Sep President Hu Jintao announced in Chile that China would establish the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center.
  • Apr The first Training Program for Chief Accountants in Large-and-Mediumsized SOEs was held in SNAI.

    Sep The Executive MBA Program conducted in cooperation with Arizona State University of America (which is also the
    first EMBA program in finance track in mainland China) was launched in SNAI.

  • Apr SNAI won the title of "Shanghai Municipal Role Model Organization" for the first time.

    Jun Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng attended and delivered a keynote speech at the first SNAI Economic Forum.

    Jun The first Executive MPAcc Program (which is also the first Master of Professional Accounting Program in mainland China) conducted in cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong opened at SNAI.

  • Apr Premier Zhu Rongji visited SNAI.

    May The SNAI Inauguration Ceremony was held.

    May SNAI website "China Accounting" ( was officially launched.

    Aug SNAI website for distance learning ( was officially launched.

    Oct President Jiang Zemin inaugurated APEC Finance and Development Program (the predecessor of AFDC).

  • Sep SNAI was officially established with Xia Dawei being appointed by the Ministry of Finance as the President.
  • Mar The SNAI Preparatory Committee was set up.
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